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Knowledge Sharing, Education, Research and Innovation Support



Non-Profit Ltd is a specialised non-profit SME with expertise in Knowledge Sharing, Education, Research and Innovation Support (KSERIS). It includes a core team of highly experienced RDI and management professionals complemented by individual task forces of carefully recruited, project-specific specialists of exceptional profile.

Base activities

focus on establishing collaborative mechanisms and innovation valorisation between academia and industry, including in the context of cross-border and interdisciplinary cooperation. The company provides product development assistance, recommendations on knowledge transfer and innovation strategy, as well as services for professional project management, exploitation, dissemination, and education.


established in order to promote research and activity for central European SMEs through education, knowledge sharing and by sharing our wide partner networks. KSERIS promotes “ethical research”: innovation special focus on social impacts, transparency, and accessibility.


  • Implementation design
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Training

Implementation design

Idea development – formulate innovative idea into competitive concept

Project generation – develop the formulated concept into an effective project plan

Project development – coordination and task allocation in international single and multi-participant projects

Financing solutions – exploring external financing possibilities to support the development and business plan

Process control – risk mitigation of project implementation during complete development and exploitation phase

Network building – linking high-profile organisations for successful partnerships


Project management – manage project implementation

IPR management – valorisation of results, knowledge protection, business case development

Exploitation management – manage market entry of new products and services


Project communication – expert communication support from idea generation to product commercialisation

Science communication – focused communication methods and tools for specialised audiences

Technology transfer communication – targeted communication of tech solutions for transfer of results, competence sharing, and network building

Demonstration and dissemination – full-scale, programme-specific dissemination solutions

Training and knowledge sharing

Training courses for the academic sector – competence building for higher education in securing of research funding

Workshops for the academic sector – aiding higher educational institutions in project generation, consortium building, project and financial management, and industry-academia partnerships

Thematic courses for the private sector – personalized coaching of innovative companies in the private sector to assist in realising their developments


Mr Gabor Hetyey

managing director

Mr Hetyey is the head of management and he leads the communication department as well. He attended communication and EU studies at ELTE – Faculty of Law in Budapest, Hungary. He has great experience in general management, project management, project communication and dissemination activities, exploitation management and teaching / mentoring on trainings. He has been involved in a number of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects as exploitation, dissemination and ethical manager, as well as providing R&D services in EU and structural funds-supported projects. In parallel he deals with business development and communication tasks (e.g., communication and campaign planning, implementation and management (ATL and BTL), creative design, PR and crisis communication related activities, etc). Until 2010 he was in charge of directing communication and managing more than 50 EC co-financed projects and product commercialisation in the bio and pharmaceutical industry.

Marton Haraszti, PhD

research director

Dr Haraszti worked as researcher of nanotechnology and nanostructures at prestigious institutions in Hungary, UK, and Cyprus. He then worked for the European Commission as programme officer in the Nanotechnologies unit, and was managing the general secretariat of the relevant European Technology Platform. Remaining at the EC, he was later responsible for design and implementation of the European Flagship projects in Future and Emerging Technologies. Having managed a portfolio of over 30 research and innovation projects from FP6, FP7, CIP, and H2020, as policy officer he was also in charge of European policy development for various areas of the EC’s Industrial Technologies and the Societal Challenges programmes. His educational activity is focused on innovation management, collaborative RDI, and knowledge transfer.

Ms. Orsolya Korda

project manager

Ms Korda is an environmental engineer. She has deep knowledge on RTD activity and business support. In the last 9 years she has been involved in a great number of European & national funded projects (FP6, FP7, H2020, AAL and structural funded and national projects) including tasks such as: preparing application for proposals, project management coordination and controlling, financial statements, preparation of reports. She is also experienced in technology transfer.

Balazs Varga, PhD

scientific advisor

Dr Varga graduated in 2005 as an agricultural engineer and he obtained a doctoral degree in natural and environmental sciences in 2010. At present he is a senior scientific advisor at the Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has more than 10 year’s experiences in examination of interactions between living organisms and environmental factors. He has widespread practices in conventional breeding methods and he has strong skills in characterisation of phenotypic and genetic diversity of populations. He is experienced by the utilization of molecular breeding technologies. He has managed several EU and state-funded projects targeted the research and innovation. From 2015 he is honorary docent and he is involved in the education regularly. He has skills for project management and gets considerable practices keeping trainings. He has a far-reaching international relationship worldwide. Total number of his scientific publications is 66; the IF value of his papers is 9.505.

Ms. Veronika Jezso

scientific advisor

Ms Jezso holds MSc in food science from University of Horticulture and Food Science of Budapest, and worked for more than fifteen years on food safety and consumer protection in the private sector as well as for public services. She was active member of numerous scientific and governmental committees of this area at both national and international level. Between 2006 and 2012 she was working for the European Commission developing and managing the Farm to Fork policy regulation, focusing on EU import control legislation concerning especially food of non-animal origin requiring increased attention at borders. Currently she works as consultant on EU food safety and consumer policy.